About Me

Hello my name is Bryan Wark, Owner of Silent Portraits. I have spent many years behind the camera documenting people and their lives. However that you already know because you are already here on my website. So let’s take a minute to tell you a little about myself outside of. my camera work.

A little history. I am a USMC veteran, I joined before I even got out of Highschool for the early entry program and left shortly after graduation. After a tour through Iraq, medical complications led to an early medical discharge and it was time to find a new career.

Everything happens for a reason because moving back to my home town I ended up meeting my Beautiful wife Krista, and we filled our house with amazing dogs and foster children.

I only have few hobbies outside of photography. I love to cook. I am a Geocacher, well my wife is I enjoy just going to all the cool new places with her. Finally importantly I am a AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) and you can learn more about my builds here.

Thats a little about me, if you would like to know more all my social media profiles should be completely visible feel free to stalk away to learn more .